A Family of Perfectly Imperfect People

Who We Are

You may have found us via a web search, an invitation, or noticed our building.

We are a local gathering of Christ’s church; a group of struggling sinners who have been saved by the grace of God.

We are people who love God because He loved us first. He has shown his love with the gift of Jesus, the gift of His Holy Spirit, the blessings and purpose He brings to our lives, and His promise of eternal life.

We are people who seek to serve others as Jesus did; because we belong to him. Our desire is to be more Christ like.

We are people from varying backgrounds united by something stronger than race, nationality or status; a spiritual bond made possible through Christ Jesus.

We are people who don’t know all the answers, but who sincerely desire to act fairly, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.

We are people who desire an intimate relationship with God. So, we emulate His Son Jesus, work toward a deeper understanding of His Word, and live lives that radiate joy from the inner peace that comes from Him.

We are people who invest our best in the next generation. We focus on and invest in our children and young people.

We are people who believe it’s never too late to become a better person. We are grateful God never gave up on us; so, we won’t give up on each other.