A Family of Perfectly Imperfect People

Church Planting Resources


Following is the chronology of the Brookline Church of Christ church plant, which was completed January 1, 2006. The church planting resources shown here were used and/or consulted by the Sunset Elders.
January 2001 The first Sunday following our first church plant in Nixa, the elders announce to the congregation our intention of planting again.

June 2001 Tony and Johnna Gentry come to work with Sunset. Tony is hired as our Youth Minister with the understanding that he will transition to Church Planting Minister in a few years.

December 2002 Contract is signed purchasing 18 acres of land in Brookline.

January 2004 During the elders annual presentation of the “State of the Congregation”, they shared their vision of seeing the church plant take place early in 2006.

January 2005 During the “State of the Congregation” presentation, the three elders who plan to go out with the Brookline Plant (Cecil Harris, Art Hudkins, and Hillard Story) are announced and it is reaffirmed that Tony Gentry will be the preaching minister.

June 2005 A survey of the congregation is conducted asking for a commitment of those who intend to be part of the new plant.

June 26, 2005 Groundbreaking for new building is held at Brookline.

January 1, 2006 Brookline church begins meeting on their own in a separate part of Sunset’s building.

May 28, 2006 Brookline’s building is completed and the church begins meeting there.