International Missions

International Missions

International Missions

Missions outside our country are a vital part of the missions work here at Sunset. We are dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus the Christ.

  • Voice of Truth International

    The Voice of Truth International is published in seven languages: English, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Nepali, and Paite. The focus of our “World Evangelism” team is evangelism through radio, TV, printed materials, Bible training schools, seminars, and personal evangelism in many countries of the world. Our goal is to be the bridge between supporting Christians and churches in the United States and foreign brethren who are the “boots on the ground” to carry the work to its point of fruition. Please pray for us.

  • Myanmar

    Sunset is also a supporter of the work in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Sunset helps support the Myanmar Preaching School through World Evangelism Missions.
  • Latin American Missions

    We are involved in the support of Charles Renfro who prints Christian educational material in Spanish. These materials are shipped to churches throughout Latin America. Latin American Missions is a multifaceted ministry with one primary goal–soul salvation! No matter what type of a team–Evangelistic, Medical, Construction, etc–a preacher is always left at the location to nurture the newly established congregation. Obviously, when a man and his family are left behind, support must be provided for him to do his job. Native Preacher Support is vital for the church to survive in any location.

  • Mexico

    Sunset also supports two missions solely in Mexico.
    • Mexico Building Campaigns headed by Rick & Sherry Owens builds church buildings for church of Christ congregations.
    • 21st Century Global Missions with J.C. Enlow, heads up the Mexico Preacher Training School. There are three schools located in Mexico, all in the state of Chiapas: San Andres Larrainzar, San Cristobal, and Tapachula.
  • Ecuador

    Sunset has committed to help plant a congregation in the coastal city of Manta in Ecuador. This region has many opportunities for service and the beginnings of what hopefully will be a strong congregation there. A team of Ecuadorian missionaries is being formed to be on the ground in Manta soon.

Foreign Missions