A Family of Perfectly Imperfect People

Local / Regional Missions

Regional Missons

World Bible School

World Bible School Sunset has a number of Regional Missions. Some in our immediate area, but others are further afield. Online Bible Study is available wherever and whenever you’re ready. You can learn at your own pace around your schedule.

Prison Ministry

Prison MinistryThe Prison Ministry is an evangelistic outreach provided through correspondence for prisoners confined in several U.S. prisons. Volunteers write personal letters to each prisoner, developing a relationship, while providing a series of lessons to acquaint and further the student’s knowledge of the Bible. This program is overseen by one of our elders, Don Johnson.

Local Missons

Harmony House

Harmony House helps provide safe Harmony Housetemporary housing for abused and battered women and their children. Sunset partners with Harmony House by serving and providing meals.

Partners In Education

Partners in EducationSunset is a Partner in Education with the Holland Elementary and Parkview High Schools in Springfield. Working with these Title 1 schools gives Sunset occasions to provide both community service as well as mission opportunities.

Ladies Sewing Group

Ladies' Sewing GroupA number of our ladies meet at the building every Monday morning to make quilts, fleece blankets, hats, scarves and anything else they are able. These items are used to provide comfort to those displaced from their homes due to fire, theft, the death of a parent. These ladies provide hand-made quilts for the local fire departments, orphanages, shelters and other community organizations. The Ladies’ Sewing Group is so much more than a group of ladies getting together to visit and sew. The Victims Center and children’s homes have quilts given to them by this group. Displaced children in foster care get their own beautiful quilt made for them. This group loves sewing and being together and love serving others.

Caring And Sharing

Caring & SharingEvery Tuesday, the Caring and Sharing Group meets here at the church building to discuss emotional health issues and to provide support for members of the group. Occasional guest speakers provide information and the group helps provide information on services available in the community.

Evangelistic Bible Studies

Evangelistic Bible StudiesSunset has a number of people available to teach from God’s word. Bible classes are available for all ages at the building on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Personal Bible Study is also available upon request as well as Online Bible Study which is available to accomodate your schedule.

Emergency Pantry

Emergency PantrySunset is a vital part of this community and we have a number of ministries within the community. The food pantry is an emergency pantry that provides food assistance to any Sunset members and also to families within the 65807 zip code, as well as members of any Church of Christ. Regular donations of food and money from our members as well as non-members support the pantry. All donations are accepted and appreciated. Food donations can be placed in the red wagon in the foyer of the auditorium.