Local / Regional Missions

Regional Missons

Regional MissionsSunset has a number of Regional Missions. Some in our immediate area, but others are further afield. Online Bible Study is available wherever and whenever you’re ready. You can learn at your own pace around your schedule.

Prison Ministry

Prison MinistryThe Prison Ministry is an evangelistic outreach provided through correspondence for prisoners confined in several U.S. prisons. Volunteers write personal letters to each prisoner, developing a relationship, while providing a series of lessons to acquaint and further the student’s knowledge of the Bible. This program is overseen by one of our elders, Don Johnson.

Harmony House

Local Missons

Sunset helps with the Harmony House for abused and battered women. We also partner in education with Holland Elementary and Parkview High School.

Evangelistic Bible Studies

Evangelistic Bible StudiesSunset has a number of people available to teach from God’s word. Bible classes are available for all ages at the building on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Personal Bible Study is also available upon request. Online Bible Study is available whenever you’re ready.

Community Ministries

Community MinistriesSunset is a vital part of this community, and we also have ministries within the community. Not just to be a good neighbor, but to help those in need and spread the good news.