A Family of Perfectly Imperfect People


Caring And Sharing Group

Every Tuesday, the Caring and Sharing Group meets here at the church building to discuss emotional health issues and to provide support for members of the group. Occasional guest speakers provide information and the group helps provide information on services available in the community.

Packages Of Love

These packages are presented to new Mom’s and Babes in need at both Mercy and Cox hospitals. As needed, Sunset Church of Christ assembles baby items such as blankets and supplies into gift packages which are given to those in need.

Ladies´ Sewing Group

A number of our ladies meet at the building every Monday morning to make quilts, fleece blankets, hats, scarves and anything else they can. These items are used to provide comfort to those displaced from their homes due to fire, theft, the death of a parent. These ladies provide hand-made quilts for the local fire departments, orphanages, shelters and other community organizations.