Children’s Curriculum

Children's Curriculum

Our New Curriculum

Children's CurriculumOur new curriculum has been implemented and is a resounding success. The material, entitled “Faith Foundations,” was developed by Sally Frazier of Texas and is being built upon by Sunset volunteers. The children are excited and can’t wait to get to each class to learn more. But the project was so comprehensive it has taken quite a few years to complete. As of the Fall of 2017, all children ages 1 through 6th grade will be using the program.

What does it offer?
  • Emphasis upon the Bible text as God’s living and active Word
  • A comprehensive approach designed to increase knowledge and build faith
  • A deeper understanding of how the Old and New Testaments are related
  • Hands-on activities to keep students actively engaged
  • Current-day application of Bible truths

We are excited about the future of our education program and want your children to share it with us. They will want to be a part of it too. Let’s work together to keep the fire going.

Childrens Curriculum